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Increase productivity. Put out the fires before they happen.

Heat from exhaust and friction are a fact of life in the forestry industry. The problem is the fires they create. Kool Coat has the solution.

A well know company was experiencing major delays in productivity because of the fires (7-10 per shift) they were experiencing when they used their heavy equipment to move wood chips. The wood chips were falling on the exhaust and, because of the extreme heat, catching fire.

They turned to Kool Coat to help solve their problem.

Amazing results from just one Kool Coat application.

The results were outstanding!

Immediately after being Kool Coated, their was a 500° drop in radiant temperature and instead of 7-10 fires per shift - not one!

Now what used to be a very dangerous and time consuming problem is completely gone. All thanks to Kool Coatings.

Heat and friction rob you of productivity. Are you losing money because of overheated equipment? Get Kool Coated today.