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Lower Your Underhood Temperatures & Increase Your Horsepower!

If you are looking for more power from your engine - keep it Kool.
Fully Coated Engine

"Thanks Kool Coat."

Dal Sanga
7 Second Mustang

It has been proven to be very common, through independant testing, for almost any V8 engine to show a 10 HP gain with just the pistons Kool Coated.

Partially Kool Coated engines show even better gains of 20 to 25 HP.

But without a doubt, the maximum gain was shown in a totally Kool Coated engine. The fully coated engine showed, during independant back to back dyno testing, an amazing 68 HP gain!

And not only do you get the horsepower gain we're all looking for, your engine components will look great for a long time too. To maintain the sophisticated high lustre appearance of your coated parts, you can easily clean them with Mother's Metal Polish. We highly recommend this, but it does not affect the performance of the Kool Coating, it just makes it look better.

Stop losing valuable horsepower. Contact Kool Coat today!