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Engine Coatings  

Stop the heat...save your headers.

Kool Coat's header coatings are the most technologically advanced coatings on the market today. The most popular coating by far is the metallic-ceramic.

You get a chrome like finish without the expense of chrome plus protection that lasts 17 times longer.

Kool Coat header coatings:

  • Withstand 2000°F temperatures (black finish only)
  • Reduce under-hood temperatures
  • Reduce exhaust manifold surface temperatures
  • Improve exhaust gas velocity
  • Increase your HP

Won't lift crack or flake.

Unlike other coatings on the market. Kool Coatings won't chip, lift, crack or flake. They continue to provide maximum protection for the entire life of your headers.

Take a look at the table below and you can see the amount of temperature drop that the Kool Coat Ceramic coated header provides! Header wraps provide a similar drop in temperature but do not provide the internal corrosion resistance that our ceramic coatings provide. Exhaust gases are extremely corrosive and have a tendency to deteriorate headers from the inside out. By coating both internal as well as external surfaces, not only are the temperatures reduced but also coating both internal as well as external surfaces maximizes the corrosion resistance.

Exhaust Gas
Header Surface
Radiated Heat
Radiated Heat
(Kool Coated)
Temperature Drop
Degrees F
1330 810 170 60 110
1340 810 170 60 110
1350 820 180 70 110
1380 830 180 70 110
1410 840 180 70 110
1420 840 180 70 110
1440 860 190 70 120
1510 890 190 70 120
1530 930 200 80 120

It has been determined that engine efficiency improves by 1% for every 10° degree drop in under-hood temperature. If we were to use the above data, we could reasonably assume that we would obtain a 50 horsepower increase on a 500 horsepower engine.

Fully Coated Engine

"I finally found a way to keep the heat in the cockpit down, and my headers looking great."

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